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These are the Andes near the Argentine border (roughly 80 miles northeast of Santiago). This is not far from Aconcagua, though that mountain was hidden by clouds and fog. Oddly, there were no native conifers (or a forested montane zone), even though precipitation appeared to be sufficient below what would be the timberline. The highest trees found appeared to be mostly broadleaf evergreen trees, around 6000'. 

 The continental divide and border between Chile and Argentina was along this part of the range. Aconcagua is in this direction (but mostly shrouded by clouds)...

Border checkpoint (though the actual border is a few miles beyond--the road goes through a tunnel). The road here is around 10,000 feet above sea level...

Looking the other direction...

It was intermittently snowing and sleeting (viewable in this pic)...

Laguna del Inca, a lake at a slightly lower elevation...

Hotel associated with a ski resort (Portillo) next to the lake...

Looking to the south towards Cerro Plomo (17,795 feet)...

Small alpine stream...

Looking down at the twisty highway going up towards Portillo and the border...

Small mine on the mountain side...

Snow shield covering the highway where snow typically slides down the mountain from above (this is actually around 6000' above sea level, though the slope is so steep that it goes from 6000' to about 12000' above sea level in less than 2 miles).

The highest native tree I saw in this area (not sure what kind--it has some resemblance to a cherry) at around 6000'. Note that there were a few non-native Lombardy poplars planted a little bit higher in elevation...

Just a bit lower was this soapbark (Quillaja saponaria), common in central Chile...

And finally, a pic of the part of the range east and northeast of Santiago, including Cerro Plomo, from a bit south of Santiago (near San Bernardo, elevation a bit less than 2000'). Cerro Plomo is about 2/3rds of the way to the left. I was hoping that Aconcagua would be in this pic, but it appears not to be (it would be on the other side of Cerro Plomo).

All of the above pictures on this page were taken in November 2009 by Brandt Maxwell.

Chile: Andes Northeast of Santiago - Links

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