Mountains - Montañas: Kilimanjaro - Tanzania - Middle slpopes - Laderas medias - 10.000-14.000 feet - Marangu Route - Ruta Marangu

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These pictures were taken between 10,000 and 14,000 feet (along the Marangu Route), where a lot of unusual vegetation exists (especially the giant groundsels). For pictures taken below 10,000 feet, go here.
First...a view of the top of Kilimanjaro from 11,000 feet.

Heathers are dominant at 11,000 feet (but much smaller than at lower elevations)...

More vegetation right at 11,000 feet (right at timberline).

In contrast, vegetation at 10,500 feet (right below timberline).

Some sort of Lobelia, though not in bloom, along a stream at 10,500 feet.

The giant groundsels (Senecio kilimanjari) are a major part of the scenery in the 12,000-13,000 foot range.

A small stream at 12,000 feet (water is scarce above this elevation)...

A strange and unidentified shrub at 12,000 feet...

Kilimanjaro Protea (Protea kilimandsharica) in bloom at 12,000 feet...

Alpine Red Hot Poker at 12000' (Kniphofia thomsonii)...

A type of thistle native to Mt. Kilimanjaro at 12000'...

White necked raven scavenging at 12000'...

Not sure what this silver-leaved plant was, but it was common on Kilimanjaro (12500'), and in general, silver is a common leaf color in tropical alpine areas...

Zebra rocks at 13000'...

Nice view of Mt. Mawenzi (16,890'--Africa's third highest peak), viewed from 13,000'

And one last view of the very top of Kilimanjaro from 12,000'...

All of the above pictures on this page were taken in February 2008 by Brandt Maxwell.

Mountains - Montañas: Kilimanjaro - Tanzania - Middle slpopes - Laderas medias - 10.000-14.000 feet - Marangu Route - Ruta Marangu

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