Photos - Fotos: John Kenny - West African Societies - Links to more of his photos

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 John Kenny - West African Societies 

 West African Societies
Portraits / February 2009

Black and white portraits from some of West Africa's most remote societies, including the Wodaabe and Fula in Niger, the Tuareg in Mali, the Tamberma in Togo and the Betammaribe in Benin, who practice a uniquely intricate form of facial scarification.

I spent two months travelling through the arid Sahel on the southernmost fringes of the Sahara. An area of little development interest provides the backdrop to the unique cultures of West Africa's most remote groups. Most of the societies were almost entirely removed from developed lifestyles & the people that I encountered had an appearance that appeared little changed from past generations.


John Kenny - West African Societies

Photos - Fotos: John Kenny - West African Societies - Links to more of his photos

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