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Paul Fusco 
MEXICO. Chiapas. 1994. 
Moss Mountain, the most sacred Indian spot near San Cristobal

Paul Fusco 
MEXICO. San Cristobal de la Casas. 
A young Indian boy selling a special issue of a newspaper featuring photos of Zapatista soldiers

Paul Fusco 
A young mourner

Paul Fusco 
Clyde Snow and assistant study the bones as villagers peer through the windows. 
©Paul Fusco_Magnum Photos
Paul Fusco 
Flowers are placed on the graves

Paul Fusco 
Mourners listen to eulogies for three murdered men
Paul Fusco 

Paul Fusco 
The village turned out to honor their friends being buried in the cemetary.

Paul Fusco 
The widows pray over the three caskets with the bones before the funeral begins.
Paul Fusco Morelia. Two widows watch the examination of the bones

Paul Fusco Morelia. Widowers and families grieve over their loss

Paul Fusco Morelia.Flowers are woven into a long rope to decorate the three graves

Paul Fusco Naha. The heads of families receiving food and medicine from donations collected in Mexico City and distributed by La Bohom

Paul Fusco San Cristobal de la Casas. Indian women have become very active in protesting against unjust government policies. A group of young women joined an anti-government demonstration

Paul Fusco San Cristobal de la Casas. The refugees bath outdoors around drying laundry in the bushes. The mothers groom and clean lice from their children

Paul Fusco San Cristobal. A group of musicians prepare to play and sing religious songs at a fiesta in a home honoring the Nino Dios

Paul Fusco San Cristobal. A homeless chamula woman joined a group of squatters on a field. Their corn stalk and plastic sheeting hovels were destroyed by the police. She's destressed over the loss of everything she had

Paul Fusco San Cristobal. An Evangelical church overlooks a slum. Those who converted from Catholicism are displaced. Their homes are burned and they are forced to flee. Now homeless and uprooted, they gather near the church of their saviors


Mexico 1994 – Chiapas

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Photos - Fotos: Paul Fusco - Mexico 1994 - Chiapas - Part 3 - Links

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