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Robben Ford Trio - Freedom

Robben Ford (born December 16, 1951)[1] is an American blues, jazz and rock guitarist. He was a member of the L.A. Express and has collaborated with Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison, Larry Carlton and KISS. He was named one of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century" by Musician magazine.


Robben Ford uses Dumble Amplifiers and Celestion G12-65 speakers. When traveling abroad he uses Fender Super Reverb amplifiers along with a Zendrive overdrive pedal by Hermida Audio. Sometimes he plays a vintage 1960 Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Pauls or a guitar custom-made by Taku Sakashta.[8] Currently, Ford travels with just two vintage guitars: a 1966 Epiphone Riviera (with the original Bigsby trem removed and replaced with a stop tailpiece) and the 1960 Fender Telecaster.[9]
Personal life

Ford is married to the cabaret singer Anne Kerry Ford. He is the uncle of current Little Feat drummer Gabe Ford.[10]


Solo albums

    Discovering the Blues Live (1972) (Live)
    Sunrise (1972)
    Jimmy Witherspoon & Robben Ford Live (1976)
    Schizophonic (1976)
    The Inside Story (1979)
    Love's A Heartache (1983)
    Talk to Your Daughter (1988)
    Blues Connotation (1996)
    Tiger Walk (1997)
    Supernatural (1999)
    Blue Moon (2002)
    Keep on Running (2003)
    Truth (2007)
    Soul on Ten (2009) (Live)
    Bringing it Back Home (2013)
    A Day in Nashville (2014)

With the Blue Line

    Robben Ford and the Blue Line (1992)
    Mystic Mile (1993)
    Handful of Blues (1995)
    The Authorized Bootleg (1998) (Live)

With the Ford Blues Band

    The Charles Ford Band (1972)
    Reunion Live (1984)
    As Real As It Gets (1996)
    Hotshots (1994)
    Fords and Friends (1996)
    Ford Blues Band (1999)
    A Tribute to Paul Butterfield (2001)
    In Memory of Michael Bloomfield (2002)
    Another Fine Day (2003)
    Centre Stage (2004)

With the Yellowjackets

    Yellowjackets (1981)
    Mirage a Trois (1983)

With Mark Ford

    Mark Ford and the Robben Ford Band (1990)
    Mark Ford and the Blue Line (1998)


    Blues Collection (1997)
    Anthology: The Early Years (2001)


    Minor Elegance (1990) with Joe Diorio, Gary Willis and Peter Erskine
    Jing Chi (2001) with Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Haslip
    Jing Chi Live (2003)
    Jing Chi 3D (2004)
    Helium Tears (2006) with Charlie Haden
    Live in Tokyo - Larry Carlton & Robben Ford (2007)
    From the Reach (2008) with Sonny Landreth
    Renegade Creation (2010) with Michael Landau, Jimmy Haslip, and Gary Novak
    Out of the Blue (2010) Christian Howes and Robben Ford
    Unfinished Business (2013) Michael McDonald and Robben Ford
    Unplugged - Larry Carlton & Robben Ford (2013) with Larry Carlton [11]


Albums played on

    Dark Horse: George Harrison (1974) Hari's on Tour (Express), Simply Shady, Dark Horse
    Superman (1977) Barbra Streisand
    Night Watch: Ricky Peterson (1990) Put Your Faith In Me
    Luck of the Draw: Bonnie Raitt (1991) Slow Ride
    F-Zero Jazz Album (1992)
    Lucky Man: Dave Koz (1993) Shakin' The Shack
    Come Together: Guitar Tribute to the Beatles, Vol. 2 (1995) Golden Slumbers
    Souvenir: Ricky Peterson (1999) Put Your Faith In Me
    Walk On: Roscoe Beck (2001) Wasn't It Fine, Think Twice
    An All Star Lineup Performing The Songs Of Pink Floyd (2002) Any Colour You Like
    Viva Carlos – A Supernatural Marathon Celebration (2004) Blues For Salvador
    A Guitar Supreme – A Giant Step In Fusion Guitar (2006) Village Blues
    In the Palace of the King: John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers (2007) Cannonball Shuffle
    Voodoo Crossing: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (2009) Message To Love
    Trading 8s: Carl Verheyen (2009) New Year's Day
    Gypsy Blood: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix, Vol. 2 (2009) Bold As Love

As sideman With Charlie Musselwhite

    Takin' My Time (1973)
    Going Back Down South (1975)

With Joni Mitchell

    Miles of Aisles (1974)
    The Hissing of Summer Lawns (1975)

With Tom Scott and the LA Express

    Tom Cat (1974)

With Dizzy Gillespie

    Rhythmstick (1990)

With Charlie Musselwhite

    Where Have All The Good Times Gone (1984)

With Jimmy Witherspoon

    Live at Monterey Jazz Festival (1972)
    Live (1976)
    Live at Notodden Blues Festival (1992)
    Ain't Nothing New About The Blues (1995)

With Kiss

    Creatures of the Night (1982)

With Georgie Fame

    Cool Cat Blues (1991)

With Rickie Lee Jones

    Pop Pop (1991)

With Bob Malach

    Mood Swing (1991)
    The Searcher (1997)

With Miles Davis

    The Complete Miles Davis at Montreux (2002)

With David Sanborn

    Live at Montreux (1984) (on three bonus tracks from 1981 appearance)

With Neil Larsen

    Orbit (2007)

With Ruthie Foster

    The Truth According to Ruthie Foster (2009)

Instructional DVDs

    Playing the Blues (October 2002)
    The Blues and Beyond (2002)
    Back to the Blues (2004)
    The Robben Ford Clinic: The Art of Blues Rhythm (December 2007)
    The Robben Ford Clinic: The Art of Blues Solos (February 2009)

Movie Soundtracks

    "Pink Cadillac" (1989)
    "The Firm" (1993)
    "No Way Home" (1996)
    "The Whole Nine Yards" (2000)

Complete in:

Robben Ford Trio - Spoonful

It could be a spoonful of diamond,
It could be a spoonful of gold,
Just a little spoon of your precious love,
Satisfy my soul.

Men lies about little,
Some of them cries about little,
Some of them dies about littles,
Everything fight about a spoonful,
Dat spoon, dat spoon, dat ...

It could be a spoonful of coffee,
Could be a spoonful of tea,
But a little spoon of your precious love,
Good enough for me.

Men lies about that,
Some of them dies about that,
Some of them cries about that,
But everything fight about a spoonful.

That spoon, dat spoon, dat ...

It could be a spoonful of water,
Saved from the deserts sand,
But one spoon of them fortifies.
Save you from another man.

Men lies about that,
Some of them cries about that,
Some of them dies about that,
Everybody fightin' about a spoonful.

That spoon, dat spoon, dat ...

Robben's site:

Robben Ford (nacido el 16 de diciembre de 1951) es un guitarrista de blues, jazz y rock.

Nació en Woodlake, California, y creció en Ukiah. Comenzó a tomar clases de guitarra a los 13 años, en 1965, y compró su primera guitarra con 19 años, en 1969. Charles Ford, su padre, tenía su propia banda de blues, Charles Ford Blues Band, en la que figuraban como músicos Robben y sus hermanos.

La fama mundial como guitarrista le llegó en 1986, año en el que figuró como guitarrista en el staff de la gira de Miles Davis, por fusionar de manera genial jazz y blues de un modo innovador. Robben Ford también ha tocado en directo y colaborado en álbumes con Jimmy Witherspoon, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell con Tom Scott's L.A. Express, y los Yellowjackets.

Ford compuso su primer álbum en solitario en 1972, titulado Discovering the Blues. A este último le sucedieron Schizophonic (1976) y su mejor álbum, The Inside Story (1979), que fue disco de oro en 1980.

Tras un periodo de cuatro años sin ningún nuevo release, en 1983 editó Words and Music, al que siguió su álbum homónimo, Robben Ford, en 1986.

En al año 1988 grabó Talk to Your Daughter, que también fue disco de oro en 1989. Su mejor trabajo de los noventa incluye los discos Handful of Blues, Blues Connotation y Tiger Walk, que constituyen un regreso a sus raíces bluseras.

Robben Ford usa amplificadores Dumble, y tiene su propio modelo signature de Fender.

Está casado con la cantante de cabaret Anne Kerry Ford, que además ha colaborado con él en varios proyectos.

Complete en:

Miles Davis - Robben Ford

Music: Robben Ford Trio - Freedom - Spoonful - Lyrics - Bio Data

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