Photos - Fotos: Lewis Wickes Hine - Part 2 - Links

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Lewis Wickes Hine  A little mother and her charges, Tarente, Italy, 1918

Lewis Wiches Hine Childs Glimpse

Lewis Wickes Hine  Newsie 1912

Lewis Wickes Hine  Stand and deliver November 1913

Lewis Wickes Hine (1874-1940). Italian child finds her first penny, 1926, Ellis Island 

Lewis Wickes Hine Boy working in factory, Alexandria, Virginia, 1911

Lewis Wickes Hine Child Labor in Tobacco Field 1916

Lewis Wickes Hine Corunna, Michigan beet farmers

Lewis Wickes Hine Newsies at the paper office bank alley Syracuse New York c 1910

Little Orphan Annie, Pittsburgh Institution

Little Fattie 1910 

The Observer and the Observed, child labor photographs by Lewis Wickes Hine

Turkish boy in Salonika, Greece, smiling and carrying food he obtained from the Red Cross, 1918

Night Life in Homestead at Midnight, 1908, by Lewis Wickes Hine.

 Lewis Wickes Hine Powerhouse 1920

 Lewis Wickes Hine Powerhouse 1920 (no es de Hine, es para comparar Chaplin, Charlie (Modern Times) 

 Lewis Wickes Hine

Photos - Fotos: Lewis Wickes Hine - Part 2 - Links


If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera. -Lewis Wickes Hine

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