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Beth Hart - Mama (Live at Paradiso)

Mother may i, i would say
yes sweet baby take it away
it won't be long, just remember that
powerful is the woman in you
stay true
and she'd come to me when fire & water was gone
to caress the empty with a song
saying why cry for anger that bullets the sky
just remember i'll remember & mama
i'll get by....
i know my face seems crazed & wild
but i got her eyes
a mama's child am i
she's blessed with grace & is smooth as a line
and when i shade she helps me shine
and she comes to me when there's nothing i believe
and holds me so high yes i am free
saying why hold the anger
it won't let you fly
just remember i'll remember & mama mama
i'll get by....
confused by my own illusions
she said that it's only my pride
and even the simplest solutions
still won't heal my mind
so i'll remember
i'll remember & i'll get by


Beth Hart - One eyed chicken. (37 days)

Oh father, come together
my sisters and all my brothers
apathy, getting crazy
help me understand
there's water there's fire
which one should I aspire
compassion or reaction
what will command
(reach out and hold me
or reach out and bite my hand)

I'm like a one-eyed chicken and a two-legged dog
Shrinking heads in the kitchen then I piss on the lawn
I'm not the kind of woman that you want to take home
Only heaven knows the devil's pain
I just can't change

I'm diggin diggin diggin diggin on you
diggin diggin diggin diggin on me
We're diggin diggin diggin diggin are we
What we gonna do?

Oh father, make it better
make my love shine bigger than ever
tell Jesus, Never leave us, this is my prayer
there's kindness, there's cruelty
a little bit of both inside of me
Come love me Come heal me
make me aware
(reach out and hold me-or reach out and bite my hand)

(chorus) repeat

so glad you made it
or I'd be nothing at all
I'm tired and faded
I'm like a wreckin' Ball

(chorus) repeat

(chorus) repeat

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Music: Beth Hart - Mama (Live at Paradiso) - One eyed chicken - Lyrics - Links

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