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Wu Man

Wu Man performs Zhao Jiping's Pipa Concerto No. 2 with the NCPA Orchestra

      Pipa Concerto No. II
      By Zhao Jiping
      Born August 1945 in Pingliang, China

     In 2012 I was approached by the pipa virtuoso, Wu Man, to write a concerto. Having known and admired Wu Man for many years, I was immediately taken by the prospect and, in fact, had been intending to write something that could feature her incredible artistry.  This is my second concerto for pipa, an instrument that resonates so closely to my heart.

This concerto was composed in the summer of 2013 in Xi'an, China, and was commissioned by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for Wu Man.  Wu Man She has accumulated a wealth of playing experience, and has a unique perspective on the interpretation of  music, particularly on the integration of eastern sounds with western ensembles.  I see the piece not so much as a Western traditional concerto, but more an exploration of poetic expression of thoughts and emotions, able to stimulate many levels of the audience's imagination.  The orchestra and Wu Man are the canvas and I have the privilege to paint the picture.   

I am delighted that a number of orchestras will be playing this concerto during its premiere season.  A few years ago I was fortunate to hear a concert of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, who are the lead commissioner, and was immediately struck by the virtuosity of the musicians.  With that sound in mind my goal was to creative a pipa concerto with a strong Chinese flavor combined with global musical language sense. The movements represent various expressions, in different textures and tempos, inspired by the most elegant Chinese traditional music style  Ping Tang (评弹) from Wu Man's hometown Su Hong(苏杭)area.  I am confident that this powerful collaboration will touch a new light!

Zhao Jiping

Wu Man (Chinese: 吴蛮; pinyin: Wú Mán; born 1963 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang) is a Chinese pipa player and composer. Trained in Pudong-style pipa performance at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, she is known for playing in a broad range of musical styles and introducing the pipa and its Chinese heritage into Western genres. She has performed and recorded extensively with Kronos Quartet and Silk Road Ensemble, and has premiered works by Philip Glass, Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, Bright Sheng, Tan Dun, Zhao Jiping, and Zhou Long, among many others. She has recorded and appeared on over 40 albums, five of which have been nominated for Grammy Awards. In 2013, she was named Instrumentalist of the Year by Musical America, becoming the first performer of a non-Western instrument to receive this award.[1]

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A key member of prestigious international theatres
The supreme palace of performing arts in China
The leader of arts education and outreach
The grandest platform for international arts exchange
An important base for cultural and creative industry

Music: Wu Man performs Zhao Jiping's Pipa Concerto No. 2 with the NCPA Orchestra - Data - Links - Recommended

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