Photos - Fotos: Alfred Stieglitz - Part 9 - 18 images - Links to precedent parts

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Urinal readymade signed with joke name; early example of Dada art. A paradigmatic example of found-art. Photograph by Alfred Stieglitz. Captions read Fountain by R. Mutt, Photograph by Alfred Stieglitz, THE EXHIBIT REFUSED BY THE INDEPENDENTS


Alfred Stieglitz - A Snapshot Paris 1911

Alfred Stieglitz - Autochrome portrait of Stieglitz and his wife Emily, ca. 1915. While attributed to Stieglitz, image may well be the work of Edward Steichen or Frank Eugene.

Alfred Stieglitz - by Alvin Langdon Coburn 1908

Alfred Stieglitz - Camera Work, Nos. 49–50 1917

Alfred Stieglitz - Cielo Rocha

Alfred Stieglitz - Ernest Gutman, 1933  Gelatin silver print, mounted (Sold for $43,750 - The Face of Modernism - 4 April 2012)

Alfred Stieglitz - Erotische Fotografie 2 1916

Alfred Stieglitz - Erotische Fotografie 3 1900

Alfred Stieglitz - From An American Place south west 1931

Alfred Stieglitz - Katherine Dudley 1922

Alfred Stieglitz - New York, 1919, by Paul Strand

Alfred Stieglitz - P (January 1 1864 – July 13th 1946)

Alfred Stieglitz - Winter – Fifth Avenue (1893)

Alfred Stieglitz - Reflejos de Venecia 1897

Photos - Fotos: Alfred Stieglitz - Part 9 - 18 images - Links to precedent parts

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