Music: Dan Auerbach - Trouble Weighs a Ton - The Black Keys - Tighten Up - Lyrics

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Dan Auerbach y Patrick Carney
The Black Keys

Dan Auerbach featuring Dante Schwebel 
 Trouble Weighs A Ton

What's wrong dear brother, have you lost your faith
Don't you remember a better place
Needles and things have done you in

Like the setting sun
Oh, dear brother, trouble weighs a ton

What's wrong dear sister, did your world fall down
Did men misuse you and push you around
It's the same story dear, year after year

Pathetic men run
Oh, dear sister, trouble weighs a ton

Trouble in the air, trouble's all I see
Does anybody care, trouble's killing me
Oh, it's killing me...

What's wrong dear mother, has your child disobeyed
And left you hurting in so many ways
What once was sweet, is sorrow and grief

That cannot be undone
Oh, dear mother, trouble weighs a ton

The Black Keys - Tighten Up 

I wanted love, I needed love
Most of all, most of all..
Someone said "True Love" was dead
but I'm bound to fall
Bound to fall for you
Oh what can I do?

Take my badge, but my heart remains
Loving you, baby child..
Tighten up on your reigns, you're running wild.
Running wild, it's true.

Sick for days, so many ways

I'm aching now, I'm aching now
It's times like these, I need relief.
Please show me how, oh show me how..
To get right ..
Yeah it's all the side

When I was young, and moving fast,
Nothing slowed me down, ooh slowed me down.
Now I let the others pass
I've come around, oh come around.
Cause I found.

Living just to keep going
Going just to be sane.
All the while I know
It's such a shame
I don't anekatips need to get steady
I know just what to feel.
Telling me to be ready, my dear


Music: Dan Auerbach - Trouble Weighs a Ton - The Black Keys - Tighten Up - Lyrics

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