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Photojournalists under 25

As professional and amateur cameras reveal more of the world at an increasingly rapid pace, the field of photojournalism is becoming a harder place to make a living. Yet many young photographers are pursuing careers as visual storytellers, despite a market in transition. Some study the craft at universities, others carve their own path. While building their portfolios, they have the luxury of time to explore intimate stories about relevant issues and develop a personal vision. Without the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle, these photographers are learning to make images that shout rather than whisper. Covering issues near and far, often out-of-pocket and on their own time, they posses a deep affection for people and a common goal of building a better understanding of our world. The future of photojournalism may be uncertain, but this generation of photographers will have a hand in writing the new rulebook. The following are images from students of photojournalism and photographers aged 25 and under. The featured images are peak moments captured through eager eyes, personal visions, or intimate glimpses into long-term projects about topics that matter to the photographers and their community. -- Tamir Kalifa [ Editor's note: Tamir Kalifa was the Boston Globe's summer photography intern in 2012. Offered the opportunity to create a Big Picture post, he chose the theme of photojournalists under 25. His search took him to a few international photography schools, the College Photographer of the Year contest, and the Eddie Adams Workshop Facebook group, among other sources. The result, while yielding some fantastic pictures, is as yet incomplete. I'd like to use the occasion of this post to solicit photographs for another "photojournalists under 25" post, hopefully attracting more photographers outside Europe and North America. If you're a photojournalist under 25 and want to display your work on The Big Picture, post your picture on our Facebook page, along with full caption information. We'll gather the best of the submissions and publish the post sometime later this year. For those over 25 who'd like to contribute to The Big Picture, we'll announce a theme soon for a future readers-only post. -- Lane Turner ] (40 photos total)

A man pilots a boat through a flock of birds on the Ganges River near the city of Varanasi in India. (Zach Gibson)

A protestor kicks the glass of a commercial center during the general strike clashes between protestors and police in Barcelona, Spain. (Juanfra Alvarez) 

Indiana University Police officers prevent junior Morgan Eldridge from helping her friends as they were arrested during a sit in to protest a J.P. Morgan recruitment meeting at the Kelley School of Business in Bloomington, Indiana on Tuesday, November, 26, 2011. Protesters chanted "shame," at police officers during the arrest of other students. This image was awarded a Gold medal in the Spot News category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Mark Felix) 

Tom Hatfield smokes a cigarette as he and friend Bonnie McMullen leave before another storm rolls in after trying to salvage photos and clothes at Hatfield's mother's house after a tornado destroyed it in Joplin, Mo., May 23, 2011. The twister, which touched down Sunday evening, killed 161 people - spreading its destruction over a wide swath of the town, ripping apart buildings and cars and touching off fires. (Patrick T. Fallon) 

A diver has a very personal moment of dejection at the bottom of the pool during the 2012 CCCA Swimming and Diving State Championships at East Los Angeles College Swim Stadium on Thursday, April 26, 2012 in Monterey Park, CA. This image was awarded a Gold medal in the Sports Feature category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Suzanne Tylander) 

Runners celebrate finishing a 5K "Color Me Rad" race, where throughout the race they are covered in colored corn starch. This image received an Award of Excellence in the Sports Feature category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Ryan Kelly) 

Girls from Copper Hills High School make last minute checks on costumes and props before their performance in front of hundreds of family members and friends at the 4A-5A State Drill Team competition Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, at the UCCU Center in Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Copper Hills finished second place in the 5A competition to Bingham High. (Jordan Stead) 

A girl pauses after chasing a pigeon in the Arlington West Memorial in Santa Monica, California. This memorial, put on by Veterans for Peace, contains over 2,000 crosses, representing the number of soldiers who have died since the invasion of Iraq. (Gabriella Demczuk) 
A group of third-graders at a very high-end private school in northern Tehran play 'Sangsar' (stoning), a similar game to dodgeball, except that kids would line up against the ball and one person would shoot out the ball at others on November 13, 2011. According to Islamic Shi’a law in Iran, when a girl turns nine years old she is considered to be mature enough to take on life and her religious responsibilities. But the definition of these responsibilities varies throughout the country. (Kiana Hayeri) 

Eighteen-year-old Cem Aydin was beaten to death near his home. On the way to the grave, the coffin passes the spot of the killing. A relative says her last goodbye to the young man. Cem's killers have not yet been found, and the reason for his death is still unknown. This image was awarded a Gold medal in the General News category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Bjarke Bo Olsen) 

"God, save my children," cried Donesha Pitts, as she prayed for a way to get to Chesapeake, Virginia to attend her youngest son's custody hearing, which took place the following morning, on the night of February 21, 2012. Pitts lost custody of four out of her five children when she became homeless 11 years ago. Last fall, she was placed in public housing. Her oldest son, who had recently turned 18, came home to live with her at that time. She continued fighting for custody of her youngest son, who came home in June. (Michelle Tessier)

Spc. Matthew Slaughter pauses for fresh air after shoveling marijuana for at least three hours on Jan. 4, 2012 in Kanahar Province, Afghanistan. A significant amount of processed marijuana was found in a compound during an eight-hour patrol conducted by soldiers from the Afghan National Army and soldiers from 3rd Platoon of the 1st Battalion 5th Infantry Regiment. Slaughter and two other American soldiers assisted the ANA in transporting the cache outdoors. The illegal substance was then burned by the ANA. The American soldiers serve with the 1st Stryker Brigade, 25th Infantry Division deployed from Fort Wainwright, Alaska. (JR Ancheta) 

Afghan women make their way from the border town of Badakhshan overland to Tajikistan. Severe peaks, dusty plains and a sliver of water separate the long and porous border between war-ravaged Afghanistan and the poor, mostly Muslim nation of Tajikistan. (Diana Markosian)

Workers arrange clay bricks to bake on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar on 23 October 2012. (Htoo Tay Zar) 

Two astronauts walk across the gantry and away from the space shuttle Discovery during a routine practice evacuation in March 2010 for the STS-131 mission. Seven astronauts would ultimately lift off aboard Discovery from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida the following month. (Philip Andrews)

A lifeguard runs up and down Bradford Beach along Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wis., warning swimmers to remain out of the water as a thunderstorm passes on July 13, 2012. (Chris Wilson) 

Rapper Nino "X Man" Issac walks into club Blitz while his wife rests on his car for a birthday party in Greenwood, Mississippi on July 29, 2012. Later that evening a fight broke out in the club and shots were fired in the parking lot. (Ian C. Bates) 

From is reunited with his skateboard, which has been lying in Danny's back yard for the past 6 months. This image is part of the story "The Wild Boys," winner of a Gold medal in the Domestic Picture Story category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Tobias Nørgaard Pedersen)

Hassan Hamzeh, 21 year old poet from Esfehan, Iran. He is pictured here waiting for the dye he has put on his hair, eyebrows and moustache to take affect. He dyes them blonde in an effort not to conform in a country he feels represses all individuality. In 2009, Hassan was arrested for leading demonstrations against the government in protests that followed the disputed re-election of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Tom Jamieson) 

A Yemeni family stands near their village Kupbagan, about thirty minutes outside Aden, Yemen on August 20, 2012. "We have nothing here," said Muhammad Annas, in the background. "No water, no electricity. I want my daughters to go to school, but we have no teacher." Families in rural Yemen are especially susceptible to the short-comings of the state following the revolution. (Alex Potter) 

Three portraits of people at the Jamam Refugee Camp in South Sudan. These images are part of "The People of Jamam Refugee Camp," winner of a Bronze medal in the Interpretive Project category from the 2012 College photographer of the Year competition. (Andreas Beck)

Street boys in Kisumu, Kenya walk through Kachok, a waste dumping site, in February 2012. (Kevin Cook) 

Men's elite racers compete in the points race during the USA Cycling Elite Omnium Track National Championships in Rock Hill, SC. Racers compete in multiple races to determine the overall track champion. The image is part of a larger project on cycling as a whole, encompassing everything from cycling related deaths, bike polo, messengers, road racing, track cycling, mountain biking, and cyclocross. (Ryan Stone) 

Historically reserved for sharp shoot'n cowboys and outlaws, now the pool room at Doc Holliday's Saloon in Glenwood Springs, Colorado is occasionally dominated by Mennonite women who drop in to take a few shots of their own, while on holiday at the nearby hot springs and spa. This image received an Award of Excellence in the Feature category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Beth White) 

Sydni, 11, watches the popular television show, Dance Moms, while jumping rope in her living room after school. "Topless Showgirls" was Dance Moms highest rated episode on Lifetime, with 2.7 million viewers. The episode featured 13 year-old dancers performing a simulated nude fan dance. That episode only aired once, although most are repeated. (Ariana McLaughlin) 

Jonathan Cook looks out the window as his mother drives him to the grocery store for food that fits within his diet. Cook is being treated for ulcerative colitis. (Eve Edelheit/The Dallas Morning News) 

"There's not much you can do, except to be there and to love her," Katie Williams said of her ailing mother, who suffered from Parkinson's Disease. Katie, who lived out of town, was torn between caring for her mother and for her own three young boys. (Margaret Cheatham Willliams) 

Sonya lays on her bed with a bag covering her head. Sonya suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after living with her mother in shambles and being abused by her mother's boyfriends. Lorrie, her grandmother, does the best she can to deal with it. "Sometimes she's just too much to handle and I get mad at her," Lorrie says. "But I can't. This isn't her fault. She didn't ask for that abuse." (Maddie Magarvey) 

John told Rene he loved her before she passed away on Monday, September 19. These were his last words to her before she passed away later that night. This image is part of the story, "Goodbye Home, Goodbye John, Goodbye Life," winner of a Gold medal in the Interpretive Project category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Kristin Bauer) 

Ice fishing in central Helsinki, Finland. From a series titled '3.6 meters or more' studying Finnish perception of personal space. (Konsta Leppänen) 

This image is part of the story, "It's Fashion," winner of a Gold medal in the Interpretive Project category from the 2012 College Photographer of the Year competition. (Nikolai Linares) 

Women rest after giving birth in the recovery room of a hospital outside of Monrovia, Liberia. The lives of mothers and newborns are precarious in Liberia, which has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world. (Jake Naughton) 

A photograph of Christian Martinez, taken by the photographer, is held up during the singing of "Happy Birthday" at what would have been Martinez's 15th birthday as his mother, Maricela Juarez, watches. July 16, 2010 in Austin, Texas. Martinez came from a family riddled with crime and incarceration and was no stranger to the penitentiary himself when, at 14, he was killed in a car accident returning home from a late night trip to Houston. (Jeffrey McWhorter) 

Solimar, 14, and Aramis, 13, embrace shortly after finding out they are going to have a child in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico on January 24, 2012. Forty eight percent of Puerto Ricans live under the federal poverty line, many in public housing projects like Manuel A. Perez where Solimar and Aramis live. Since their creation, sparse access to quality education and lack of proper parenting have led to broken family cycles hard for residents to escape. (Christopher Gregory) 

A performer is carried upside down along the Royal Mile during Edinburgh's Fringe Festival. This apocalyptical act was promoting their upcoming performance by parading throughout the venue. (Alex Snyder) 

Steven Colbert, host of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" collects money from supporters outside the Federal Election Commission building following the FEC hearing, granting him approval to form the "Colbert Super PAC" on Thursday June 30, 2011 in Washington, DC. The ruling enables Colbert to fundraise and accept unlimited amounts from the general public or corporations to contribute toward political campaigns. (Madeleine Meyer)

A group of teenagers skateboard outside the closed 4th street Post Office, Jan. 5, 2012 in Bloomington, Ind. The post office recently closed its doors after 50 years of operation. (Peter W. Stevenson)

Competitors wait backstage before the final night of the Miss Illinois Pageant at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center on Saturday, June 30, 2012. (Joel Hawksley)

Chris VonBargen works in solitude as he mounts a deer head for a customer at his shop, Wild Reflections Taxidermy, in Nelsonville, Ohio on January 6, 2012. “I treat taxidermy like any other art form out there,” said VonBargen. “It’s not all about killing the animals, in fact I don’t really hunt. I don’t get the urges to anymore. I hope that people realize I respect the animals, and that’s why I like to preserve them.” (Sam Owens)

A Walmart freight truck idles near US Interstate 10 in Desert Center, CA July 2nd 2011. The remote desert town serves as a junction for freight heading from Los Angeles to inland destinations. 60 miles away from the nearest population center, there is little light pollution at Desert Center. (Stuart Palley)
 Photos - Fotos: Photojournalists under 25 - Fotoperiodistas menores de 25 años - The Big Picture - The Boston globe - Calling - LLamado - Opportunity - Oportunidad 

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