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Iraq Perspectives I:

In July 2005, I was being driven from an assignment—an endeavor that took two cars and four heavily armed Iraqi guards—when my mother called. She asked me if I had the chance to go out with Iraqis, to wander through Baghdad. I told her that this scenario was near to impossible, if not dangerous for someone like me: tall, white, and bald. I explained that I couldn't go anywhere without armed protection; that Iraq was a land of blast walls and barbed wire fences. Her response was one of incredulousness. She had never seen any photographs or news reports illustrating what I described. I made my first image of a concrete blast wall through the window of my armored car that day.

“Iraq | Perspectives I” grew immediately out of that conversation and as a response to what I felt was both the general apathy and the inability of people in the United States to comprehend life during the Iraq War. Confronted by a level of violence so high that walking on the streets to photograph was tantamount to suicidal behavior, I found myself confined to working with American soldiers, spending most of my time going on various missions in armored Humvees. My only view of Iraq was through inches-thick bulletproof windows.

I wondered if Iraqis saw me through these windows. I never knew the answer to that, but I knew that they saw the monstrous convoys of Humvees coming through their neighborhoods. Some stared, some jeered, some cheered, some just went about their business, indifferent to the tons of destructive force driving by. This vantage on the Iraqi street is one rarely seen by the American public, but it is the most common point of view for U.S. soldiers.

These images are not intimate—they reflect a distant and detached perspective on a country that is so empty, so desolate, on a situation so dire. The windows represent a barrier that impedes dialogue. The pictures illustrate a fragment of Iraqi daily life taken by a transient passenger in a Humvee; yet they are a window to a world where work, play, tension, grief, survival, and everything in between is as familiar as the events of our own lives.

All of the photographs in this book were taken over a six-year period, from 2003 to 2008.

Fecha de nacimiento: 4 de junio de 1979 (edad 35), Nueva York, Estados Unidos
Cónyuge: Marvi Lacar
Hijos: Kaleb Elias, Mateo Natan
Obras de arte: Oil on Water, Iraqi Prisoners
Premios: Premio World Press Photo a la Naturaleza

Benjamin Lowy is award winning photographer based in New York City. He received a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis in 2002 and began his career covering the Iraq War in 2003. Since then he has covered major stories worldwide. In 2004 Lowy attended the World Press Joop Swart Masterclass, he was named in Photo District News 30 and his images of Iraq were chosen by PDN as some of the most iconic of the 21st century. Lowy has received awards from World Press Photo, POYi, PDN, Communication Arts, American Photography, and the Society for Publication Design. Lowy has been a finalist for the Oskar Barnak Award, a finalist in Critical Mass, included in Magenta Flash Forward 2007, as well as the OSI Moving Walls 16 exhibit. His work from Iraq, Darfur, and Afghanistan have been collected into several gallery and museum shows, and shown at the Tate Modern, SF MOMA, Houston Center for Photography, Invalides, and Arles. His work from Darfur appeared in the SAVE DARFUR media campaign.

In 2011 Lowy's Iraq | Perspectives work was selected by William Eggleston to win the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography. The book is currently available and in stores now.

In 2012, Lowy was awarded the Magnum Foundation Emergency fund to continue his work in Libya. In the same year, he received the International Center of Photography (ICP) Infinity Award for Photojournalism.

In 2014, at the age of 35, Lowy received a Distiguished Alumni Award from Washington University in St Louis.

Lowy is based in New York City. He is currently represented by Reportage by Getty Images.

Gallery Shows:

HeadOn Photo Festival, iStreet, Sydney, Australia, 2014
Harvard University, Iraq | Perspectives, 2014
Brooklyn Museum of Art, WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY, 2013
Museum of the City of New York, Rising Waters, 2013
San Diego Musuem of Art Women, War, and Industry, 2013
NIU Art Museum, On Watching and Being Seen, 2013
Gasser Grunert Gallery, Engines of War, 2013
Houston Museum of Fine Arts, WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY, 2012
SNAP! Orlando, iLibya, 2012
CONTACT Photo Festival, Iraq | Perspectives, Toronto 2012
Periscopio, War and Peace, Basque, Spain 2012
KlompChing Gallery, The Architecture of Space, New York 2012
Duke University, Iraq | Perspectives, Durham 2011
FotoLeggendo Festival, Iraq | Perspectives, Rome 2011
DNJ Gallery, Storylines, Los Angeles 2011
SilverEye Gallery, Homefront, Pittsburgh 2011
Gemak Gallery, Generation 9/11, The Hague 2011
Howard Greenberg Gallery, New Yorker Magazine Published, New York 2011
Montserrat College of Art, For the Record, Boston 2011
Columbia University, Iraq | Perspectives, New York 2011
The Walker Arts Center, Exposed, Minneapolis 2011
The NY Photo Festival, iAfghanistan, New York 2011
The Empty Quarter, The Spectacle of War, Dubai 2011
OCCCA, Wide Angle View, California 2011
The Corcoran Museum of Art, Storylines and Iraq Perspectives, DC Fotofestival, Washington, DC 2010
San Francisco MOMA, Exposed, San Francisco 2010
Flash Forward Photo Festival, The Architecture of Space, Toronto 2010
Tate Modern, Exposed, London, 2010
Noordelicht, Warzone, Netherlands 2010
L’Invalides, Afghanistan Et Nous, Paris, 2010
Open Society Institute, Moving Walls 16, New York, 2009
Houston Museum of Contemporary Photography, Unite
L’Invalides, Afghanistan Et Nous, Paris, 2010
Open Society Institute, Moving Walls 16, New York, 2009
Houston Museum of Contemporary Photography, Unite and Untie, Texas 2009
Polka Gallery, Iraq Perspectives, Paris France, 2009
Photographic Resource Center, Exposure, Boston 2008
Battlespace, Iraq, New York 2008, 2007
Overload, New York 2007
The Ten Show, Darfur, New York 2005
Williams College of Art, Beautiful Suffering, Massachusetts 2005
Half King, Darfur, New York 2004
Nazar Photo Festival, Iraq, Netherlands 2004

Distiguished Alumni Award, Washington University in St Louis 2014
Eugene Smith Memorial Fund Finalist 2013
The Shorty Awards, 2013
ICP Infinity Award for Photojournalism 2012
Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund, 2012
The New York Photo Awards, 2012
Marty Forscher Fellowship, 2011
Duke University Center for Documentary Studies First Book Prize, 2011
World Press Photo - 2011, 2008 (x2)
FOAM - Talent, 2010
Pictures of the Year International (POYi) - 2009 (x2), 2008 (x2), 2004
PDN Annual - 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004
American Photography - 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2004
Oskar Barnack Award Finalist 2009
Critical Mass Top 50 Finalist 2009
Anthropographia - 2009
Photography Give Back - 2009
Noordelicht Photo Festival - 2009, 2004
Noordelicht Photo Festival - 2009, 2004
Communication Arts - 2008, 2004
ICP Infinity Award Nominee - 2008, 2004
Society for Publication Design - 2008, 2004
Magenta Foundation - 2007
Joop Swart Masterclass - 2004
PDN 30 - 2004
Carl Mydan’s Award for War Photography - 2003

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Photos: Benjamin Lowy - Irak Perspectives I - Bio - Links

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