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Open your mind, your heart to other cultures
Abra su mente, su corazón a otras culturas
You will be a better person
Usted será una mejor persona

"Visually I am inspired by culture of fashion and surrealists. I often shock people. I try to create my personal aesthetics of the works, I try to combine reality with artificiality." Oleg Duryagin

"Visualmente me siento inspirado por la cultura de la moda y los surrealistas. A menudo remuevo a la gente. Trato de crear mi estética personal de las obras, trato de combinar la realidad con la artificialidad". Oleg Duryagin

I was born in the artistic family and faced the art when I was a little child.

Once I was looking at the book with Proto-renaissance artists which became my favourite for many years. I found a lot of awesome portraits with strange weird emotions in that book. Some people was ill, some angry, some crazy and some had empty indifferent eyes. It was not used to show the people that “perversion” way nowadays and that was  real discovery for me.

Since that time I had a passion for a human face and tried to find that kind of pictures everywhere. I spent a lot of time looking at the family photo albums or newspapers or magazines. I tried to find something that I liked and something that disturbed me at the same time.

Later I recognized my willing to create something myself. And the photography was my choice.

My favourite thing is to show something in other not stereotypical way. It can be scary nuns, people pretending to cry or unhappy children - everything that is not expected to see.

I use artificial nature of a digital photography as a tool to reach the point between opposites such as alive and dead, attractive and disturbing, beautiful and ugly. Thus I’m searching to transcribe the feeling of presence that you get while passing the plastic mannequin.

Meanwhile I believe that the surface of the photography is very important. And I try to do photos in a beautiful way, inspired with a classical paintings. Not for the beauty itself, but to create more powerfull images.  

Photos - Fotos: Oleg Duryagin - Part 1 - Bio data - Links

Oleg Duryagin Site:

by Oleg DOU

23 feb - 09 apr CUBS, solo show RTR gallery, Paris 25 mar - 24apr CUBS, solo show Espace-art22, Brussels All works © Copyright 2005 – 2010 by Oleg Dou. ... - En caché - Similares

April 2011, Art Brussel,  Belgium
February 2011 - ARCO Art Fair, Madrid

February 2010, Art Rotterdam, NL
October 2009, FIAC, France
September 2009, Art Moscow, Russia
March 2009, Art Dubai,  Dubai

October 2008, FIAC, France
May 2008, Art Moscow, Russia
April 2008, Art Brussel,  Belgium
March 2008, Art Dubai,  Dubai
February 2008 - ARCO Art Fair, Madrid

November 2007 - Budapest Art Fair, Hungary
-Go Fun, Poland
-BG, Ecuador
-Remix, Argentina
- ffw, Brasil
- Al limite. Chile
- Monthly Photography, South Korea
- Photo, France
- Vision, China
– Neo2, Spain
–Artpress, France
- Think Again, Czech
- Tendencias, Spain
- Zoom, International
- Focus, Poland
- Life Element, China
- Atitude, Spain
- Public Art, South Korea
- DEI, Russia
- Azart Photo, France
– Citizen K, Russia
-Next Level, UK
- After Capture, USA
- ARTEnews, Belgium
- AAA, Belgium
- Stilus, Hungary
- Together, EU
- Artchronica, Russia
- Camera Arts, USA
- Adbusters magazine, Canada
- Space magazine, USA
- Whole Life, USA
- FS magazine,  Brasil
- Junge_Kunst, Germany
- Snap, UK
- Gallery magazine, Ukraine
- L'Imprononcable,  France
- SOON , France
- Elegy ,  France
- Le Monde 2, France
- Decorate,  Spain
 - Fotomasterskaya, Russia
Solo Shows
- Cubs, Senda, Barcelona
- Cubs, Espace Art 22, Bruxelles
- Cubs, RTR gallery, Paris
- Resent Works, RTR gallery, Paris
– Toystory, Flatland, NL
– Toystory, Senda, Barcelona
 - "The Faces", Interalia, Seoul
 - "Tears", Espace Art 22, Bruxelles, Belgium
– Toystory, Aidan gallery, Moscow
- Small&Co gallery, Paris
- Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles
- Espace Art 22, Bruxelles, Belgium
- MOMO & CO gallery, Paris
 - Le Simoun Gallery, Paris

Group Shows
- 20th anniversary of Barcelona art gallries association , Senda, Barcelona
- Les Russes ! Portrait photographique des années 1950 - 2010, Galerie OREL ART, Paris
- L'exquis et l'obscur,Galerie D.X, Bordeaux
- inSPIRACJE, Poland
- Atopia, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Barcelona
- Russian Tales, group show, EXPRMNTL Gallery, Toulouse
- Seoul International Photo Festival, Korea
- Smile project, Hasselt, Belgium
- Face. Image. Time, Ekaterina cultural foundation, Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Moscow
- Pingyao International Photography Festival 2009, China
- SU:MBISORI, Jeju Museum of Art,Republic of Korea
– “Surfaces”, group show, Aidan Gallery, Moscow
- "Look me in the Eyes" group show, RTR gallery, Paris
- Kandinskiy Prize 2008 group show, Moscow
- White Fair, Espace Art22, Belgium
- Kandinskiy Prize group show, Winzavod, Moscow
-  FotoFestival Naarden 2007, Netherlands
- Freaks, Photoforum, Moscow
- Pierre Cardin Center, Paris
- "Fotofusion", "Mejdunarodnaya gildiya masteriv" Gallery, Saint--Petersburg
- "Fotofusion", "Dom Shalapina" Gallery, Moscow

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