Painter: Ernst Max - Part 6 - Links

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Open your mind, your heart to other cultures
Abra su mente, su corazón a otras culturas
You will be a better person
Usted será una mejor persona

 Max Ernst. 
L'Ange du foyer ou Le Triomphe du surréalisme. 
Oil on canvas. 
114 x 146 cm. 
Private collection

Max Ernst. 
Le Limaçon de chambre. 
Tempera, goache, ink, pencil, collage on paper. 
31.2 x 22.2 cm.  

 Max Ernst. 
Oedipus Rex. 
Oil on canvas. 
93 x 102 cm. 
Private collection.

Max Ernst. 
Of This Men Shall Know Nothing. 
Oil on canvas. 
81 x 64 cm. 
Tate Gallery, London, UK.

Max Ernst. 
Oil on canvas. 
66 x 81 cm. 
Private collection.

 Max Ernst. 
Sign for a School of Monsters. 
Oil on canvas. 
88 x 115 cm. 
Private collection.

Max Ernst. 
Snow Flowers. 
Oil on canvas. 
130 x 130 cm. 
Private collection.

Max Ernst. 
Surrealism and Painting. 
Oil on canvas. 
195 x 233 cm. 
Private collection.

Max Ernst. 
The Angel of Hearth and Home. 
Oil on canvas. 
53 x 73 cm. 
Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst

Max Ernst. 
The Couple or The Couple in Lace. 
Oil on canvas. 
 101.5 x 142 cm.

Painter: Ernst Max - Part 6 - Links

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