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Open your mind, your heart to other cultures
Abra su mente, su corazón a otras culturas
You will be a better person
Usted será una mejor persona

 Boom met hek in de sneeuw - Zoeterwoude
Árbol con valla en la nieve - Zoeterwoude
Tree with fence in snow  - Zoeterwoude

 Hallerbos landscape II

 Hallerbos landscape XVI

 Hallerbos V

Hallerbos XXVI


 Hek in de mist
Cerca en la niebla
Fence in the fog

Koeien in weiland - Zoeterwoude Rijndijk II
Las vacas pastando - Zoeterwoude Rijndijk II
Grazing cows - Zoeterwoude Rijndijk II

Photos - Fotos: Gerard Leeuw - Part 1 - Landscapes - Paisajes - Bio data - Links


My name is Gerard Leeuw and I was born in Leiden in 1972. Since 2009 I have been active as a nature photographer. Before 2009 I did some clicking with a compact camera but in my case that was not something to get excited about. The photography virus really struck me after traveling through Costa Rica and Tanzania. How beautiful nature can be!
And I try to make my small contribution in respecting nature where ever I go. No exceptions. If I can not make an image without disturbing nature I simply advance to the next shot. This is a small promise to myself and to nature which I can enjoy every day.
Since 2009 I have really come to discover the beautiful nature we have within the Netherlands. During my visits in nature I more and more realize that the Netherlands have a lot to offer. And in my immediate surroundings there is also a lot to explore: sea, beach and dunes are at my doorstep and within five minutes I'm in the grass lands with mills and ditches. Great!
In addition to discovering and learning about all these beautiful sites of nature, once on location the whole process of visualization, observation, composing and looking for the right light etc. starts. Eventually I try, and that is hard enough by itself, to capture nature in all its simplicity. I strive for images which are original, artistic and sometimes very abstract.
None of my images on this site have been manipulated in any way (besides standard image processing stuff like sharpening, noise reduction). Images that do seem manipulated are the result of my attempts in creativity :)
On location I use Nikon equipment. Other equipment and accessories are from Gitzo, Really Right Stuff, Transcend, Lee, B + W and Lowepro. Most important equipment in my opinion; good glass and a sturdy tripod. But ultimately those remain tools. Master your tools I would say and be ready to carve your own images. Be inspired by other nature photographer but alwas try to distinct yourself. Add your signature.
I sincerly hope my images may inspire you. Thanks for visiting my website! And please visit again. I frequently publish updates whether those are weblogs and / or new images.


Gerard Leeuw Natuurfotografie

28 april 2011 ... Landscape and Nature Photography | Landschap en Natuurfotografie. - En caché - Similares
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My name is Gerard Leeuw and I was born in Leiden in 1972. Since 2009 I have ... - En caché

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