Photos: Manuel Libres Librodo Jr. - Bhutan views - Part 1

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Framed - Enamarcado

Rolling hills, verdant ricefields, rugged mountains, crystal clear river.
Amiable people, infectious laughter, winsome smile, unshaken devotion...
BHUTAN is all of the above and MORE...

Bhutan is uniquely quintessential.
Bhutan is a place like no other.
Bhutan is the ONE and ONLY.

Galllery will be updated regularly.
Please come back for more.

(Special thanks to Steve Jones for inspiring me to take this trip in Bhutan.
Thanks to Mr. Thinley and Mr. Jigme for arranging my tour.)

Run this, simple, in home, intimate.
Haz correr ésta, sencillo, en casa, íntimo.
Thanks to duggary23 account in Youtube

 Patterns- Patrones

 Palette - Paleta
 Palette - Paleta
 Patterns- Patrones
 Patterns- Patrones  
 Break time - Recreo
 Break time - Recreo
 Break time - Recreo
For an idea of monks school 
Para tener una idea de la escuela de los monjes
 Thanks to garycheese account in Youtube
With my love for the silence, I get crazy over this school.
Con mi amor por el silencio, me vuelvo loco en esta escuela.

Togetherness - Unidad

Framed - Enmarcado

Thanks a lot to this wonderful site
Un montón de gracias a este maravilloso sitio

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