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0  Jean Pierre Targete - Dragon Bones
01  Jean Pierre Targete - Forced Entry

03  Jean Pierre Targete - Only in New York

04  Jean Pierre Targete - The Ovum

05  Jean Pierre Targete - Angels Beside You

06  Jean Pierre Targete - Winter World Egils Book

07  Jean Pierre Targete - Outon the Cutting Edge
08  Jean Pierre Targete - Might and Magic The Sea of Mist

09  Jean Pierre Targete - Fortress of Eternity

10  Jean Pierre Targete - Master of the Earth and Water

11  Jean Pierre Targete - The Circleat Center

12  Jean Pierre Targete - SPQR

13  Jean Pierre Targete - Iapetus

14  Jean Pierre Targete - The Prizein the Game
15  Jean Pierre Targete - Summers at Castle Auburn

Jean Pierre Targete is a fantasy and science fiction artist.


He created the cover art for many of the Avon paperback editions of The Chronicles of Amber and for the Second Foundation Trilogy.

Targete illustrated the cards Claw-Hide, Doppel Shock, and Myzary for the 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man set.[1]
Personal life

He was born in New York City and raised in Miami, Florida. He currently works and lives in Gainesville, Florida.

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Cartoon - Historieta: Jean Pierre Targete - 15 images - Links to more Cartoon - Historieta

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