Frank Zappa - How's Your Bird - Vinyl 1998 Early 1960's Cucamonga Recordings - Data - Links to more FZ

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Frank Zappa - How's Your Bird - Vinyl 1998 Early 1960's Cucamonga Recordings

First in this series of seven coloured vinyl videos is a transparent purple-hued 10" I found sealed at Star Records in Oshawa back in 2009....ladies and gentlemen, "How's Your Bird?" by Frank Zappa. This was issued by Italian label Get Back on September 1998, and first released on orange vinyl. It was reissued four times on different vinyl colours: blue on June 1999, purple on August 1999 (which is what I have), green on September 2000, and clear/transparent vinyl in 2003. Each issue was a limited edition of 1000 copies, so I feel very lucky to be owning a gem that is in the hands of only 5000 people!

This is a rather unusual collection of songs from the earliest years of Frank Zappa's musical career - the olden days of his Studio Z in Cucamonga. The performance credit of these songs was not necessarily attributed to Zappa when they were originally released in the early 1960's, even though he had a big hand in 6 of the 10 tracks on this album. Although these songs, of course, have a more traditional sound (less experimental) than his later stuff, there's still some sort of classic Zappa quirkiness to them. Listen to "Dear Jeepers" and "Letter from Jeepers", for instance. Do you hear that trademarked Dick Barber snort? Do you hear what television host Bob Guy is reading from Dracula's letter? Halloween-themed humour, of course!

But while many of the songs on here were performed, produced or written by Frank Zappa, there are some tracks thrown in the mix here that had none of his involvement whatsoever. These selections, in particular, are Paul Buff's "Slow Bird" and "Blind Man's Buff" and The Pauls' "Cathy My Angel" and "'Til September". However, since Zappa became a near-permanent fixture in Paul Buff's studio, it was no coincidence that Buff's tracks have also been featured on this album. The Pauls' tracks were also written by Paul Buff, so their inclusions make sense as well, given Buff's early connection to Frank Zappa.

Fun fact: although the label says stereo, the whole album, is, in fact, in MONO. All of these songs had releases on 45 singles in the early 1960's, a time when all 45s were monophonic!


Side 1

1. Bob Guy - Dear Jeepers (starts at 1:06)
2. Baby Ray and the Ferns - World's Greatest Sinner (starts at 3:38) (the theme song to the 1962 film of the same name)
3. Baby Ray and the Ferns - How's Your Bird? (starts at 6:09)
4. The Heartbreakers - Every Time I See You (starts at 8:24)
5. The Heartbreakers - Cradle Rock (starts at 11:01)

Side 2

1. Paul Buff - Slow Bird (starts at 14:13)
2. Paul Buff - Blind Man's Buff (starts at 16:27)
3. The Pauls - Cathy My Angel (starts at 18:15)
4. The Pauls - 'Til September (starts at 20:31)
5. Bob Guy - Letter from Jeepers (starts at 23:00)


The Yellow Shark


Music: Frank Zappa - City Of Tiny Lites (live in NYC)

 Vinnie Colaiuta

Frank Zappa - How's Your Bird - Vinyl 1998 Early 1960's Cucamonga Recordings - Data - Links to more FZ

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