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Thomas Hoepker
El Tabil. Quiché. 1997.
As a Mayan priest performs a ceremony, a widow grieves at the remains of her husband and two sons in a corn field where Catholic anthropologists are exhuming war victims

Thomas Hoepker
Incense burning on the steps of Santo Tomüs church in Chichicastenango

Thomas Hoepker
Guatemala City. 1997.
Skeletons of war victims are indentified at the Institute for Forensic Anthropology

Thomas Hoepker
Guatemala Quiché. San Andrés Sajcabajá. 1997.
Men pray in a chruch on Good Friday

Thomas Hoepker
A woman with heavy load on a road to Nebaj

Thomas Hoepker Guatemala, Chichicastenago, Quiche. Flower market on the steps of Santo Tomas church

Thomas Hoepker
Guatemala, Maya. Jocotenango,
SacatepŽquez, Easter Saturday procession, women carrying a heavy float

Thomas Hoepker
Guatemala, Maya.
Scene in Nebaj, QuichŽ

Thomas Hoepker
Guatemala, Maya.
UN controlled camp for ex-guerrillas near San Mürtin SacatepŽquez, Quetzaltenango

Thomas Hoepker GUATEMALA. 1991. Lago Atitlán and volcanoes

Thomas Hoepker
Fiesta of Santiago Apost_l in Santiago AtitlŸn headman of cofradia

Thomas Hoepker 
Maya ceremony in cave of Chicoy near Coban. Woman leaving the smoky cave after the ceremony

Photos - Fotos: Thomas Hoepker - Guatemala - Part 1 - 13 photos - Photo-journalism - Foto-periodismo - Links


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