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Auguste Rodin 
Las puertas del infierno. 
Museo Rodin - Zürich - Kunsthaus - Rodin's Höllentor


 Auguste Rodin 
A famous fragment The Walking Man

Auguste Rodin
 The walkimg man

 The Fallen Caryatid Carrying her Stone  circa 1880-1, cast 1950
La Cariatide tombÈe portant sa pierre

object: 390 x 305 x 310 mm, 28.8 kg

Purchased 1950

In 1880 Rodin was commissioned to make a portal and set of monumental doors for the MusÈe des arts dÈcoratifs in Paris. This work, known as 'The Gates of Hell', included a large number of figures in relief. These inspired several individual works, including this caryatid. An early version of this sculpture was exhibited in 1886. Three years later one critic wrote, 'this supple little creature, not more that eighteen inches high, is regarded by the sculptor and his friends as one of his very best compositions, and many copies of it have been made for the latter in both marble and bronze'. This particular bronze was made in 1950 from a plaster cast.
 (From the display caption August 2004)

Balzac  1892

object: 545 x 355 x 232 mm, 14.2 kg

Presented in memory of Lady Sadler by Sir Michael Sadler through the Art Fund 1931


In 1891 Auguste Rodin was commissioned to make a commemorative statue of the famous French novelist HonorÈ de Balzac (1799-1850). With great thoroughness Rodin studied all existing portraits of Balzac, read all the books about him and paid several visits to Touraine, the area where the writer was born, to study local physiognomy. This head is part of a full length study. Rodin said he wished to show the writer ëas if I had lived with him for yearsí, and modelled an image of him ëin his study, breathless, hair in disorder, eyes lost in a dreamí.

Auguste Rodin was born in Paris in 1840 and died in Meudon in 1917.

 (From the display caption August 2004)


Woman on a Column  circa 1900-3
Femme sur une colonne

Copper electrotype
object: 908 x 203 x 152 mm, 3.3 kg

Bequeathed by Mrs Rhoda Symons 1952


This female figure is adapted from one entitled The Sphinx, from Rodinís monumental bronze doors known as The Gates of Hell. Rodin kept a number of fragments of works standing around his studio on the top of classical columns, and such an arrangement may have inspired this work. Despite its rather delicate proportions, the impression here is of a full-size figure taken to an architectural scale. Such subversion of perception anticipates the impact of Alberto Giacomettiís manipulation of scale and space.
 (From the display caption April 2009)

The Kiss  1901-4
Le Baiser

Pentelican marble
object: 1822 x 1219 x 1530 mm, 3180 kg

Purchased with assistance from the Art Fund and public contributions 1953

The Tateís The Kiss is one of three full-scale versions made in Rodinís lifetime. Its blend of eroticism and idealism makes it one of the great images of sexual love. However, Rodin considered it overly traditional, calling The Kiss ëa large sculpted knick-knack following the usual formula.í The couple are the adulterous lovers Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, who were slain by Francescaís outraged husband. They appear in Danteís Inferno, which describes how their passion grew as they read the story of Lancelot and Guinevere together. The book can just be seen in Paoloís hand.
 (From the display caption August 2004)

Auguste Rodin 
The Age of Gold
ca. 1878  
Black chalk and traces of white chalk on gray paper

Sculpture - Escultura: Auguste Rodin - Part 3 - Links


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