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Temuco is in the south-central part of Chile, about 400 miles south of Santiago. This is in the northern part of the wet section of Chile. Most of these pics are around, versus in, Temuco.  
First, a view of the Temuco from a forest preserve (Cerro Ñielol) above the city...

Inside the dense forest...

Epiphytic bromeliads on a large tree branch...

A close-up of one bromeliad...

The Chilean long-leafed podocarp (Podocarpus salignus)...looks much different from the Podocarpus nubigenus in the mountains. The lower branches almost have a bamboo appearance (there is also a lot of bamboo in this forest). Not sure what that straight-trunked tree to the left is...

A copihue vine (Lapageria rosea). This is the national flower of Chile, but this wasn't in bloom at the time (it blooms in summer/fall).

A few wood carvings on Cerro Ñielol...

Highway southeast of Temuco (about half way to Villarrica) on a somewhat sunnier day...

Near the same location were these freshly leafed-out southern beeches (probably Nothofagus alpina)...

Nearby, this Chilean firebush (Embothrium coccineum) was in bloom (like in many other areas of central-south Chile)...

North of Temuco (in the 50-100 mile range) were a lot of eucalyptus plantations, including this one...

All of the above pictures on this page were taken in November 2009 by Brandt Maxwell

Chile: Temuco (and Environs) (y Alrededores) - Landscape - Paisaje - Botanical reviews - Reseñas botánicas - 11 images imagenes - Links

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